The Variscope IV is the 16/Super16 Periscope System of choice for many of the World's top Natural History Film Makers.

The fully modular System ,which is the original , has been in use for about 15 years & has been made so that any new & future accessories can always be added

It is much more cost & weight effective than Purchasing several separate systems , with the added advantage of much greater versatility in the Field.

Apart from the high quality Imaging it provides it is unique in that a 90° Periscope , a Straightscope (borescope) , & our unique & innovative 45° Prism are incorporated in one System. We can also supply a Probescope,which is similar to an Endoscope but much faster.

The 90° Prism , the Straightscope , & the 45° Prism all accept virtually all 'C' mount Lenses , & the Probescope is 9mm focal length f3.5

We can supply Underwater Housings for both the 90° & 45° Prism Modes.

The System is attached to the Camera Support System, NOT the Lens so there is no unnecessary strain on the Lens Port, & Interfaces can be supplied for virtually all 16mm Film & Video Cameras.

It can , with just slight mechanical modification ( change 'c' mounts & a different Camera interface ) be used for Super 35 mm .It was recently chosen for the BBC's 2nd Dinosuar Series 'Walking With Beasts ', where it proved to match the quality of the Zeiss SuperSpeed Lenses better than any other System Tested.


One small box , so many options !
The complete System costs about £7000 ,
but you can take what you need , & add to it later