We offer a range of Filter Holders & Matte Boxes for Film , Video & Stills Cameras

They are all Designed & Manufactured by us , & are now available at Factory Direct Prices. They are also made from High Quality Light Alloy for Superior Strength & Durability.

All have removable Hoods ,& are attached to the Lens by an Interchangeable Adapter of our own Design , & are fully Rotatable.

1-: Holder for 83mm Filters .with 3 slots for 1.5- 2mm Resin Filters i.e.Cokin, Lee or Formatt

2-:Holder for 100mm Filters with 1 Fully Rotating Stage & 1 or 2 Fixed Slots for 1.5-2mm Resin Filters i.e. Lee or Formatt

3-:Holder for 100 x 100mm Glass Filters with 1 off Fixed & 1off Rotating Stage. Supplied with Filter Trays.Can be Attached to Lens With Adapter as above , or can , with the addition of an Interface ,be attached to your Arri Type Support Bars

4:- As 3 above but without Filter Trays

Type 4 shown with 15mm Support Bar 
Adapter & Wide Angle Self Supporting


Type 2 shown with rigid hood attached to lens
with screw in Adapter